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I am unfamiliar with the pip install. Is there any type of walkthrough I can read? Or where would I write this? But now, my program appears to have trouble logging into my google drive account. Any help there? AuthenticationError: Unable to authenticate.

Do you have 2-factor authentication activated on your Google account? Are you using your full email address or just the username portion? Have you successfully authenticated to your account with gspread on your home machine or elsewhere? Also, it looks like gspread uses the ClientLogin API which is deprecated as of April - looks like the author is keen to switch to OAuth2 but hasn't done yet. I am using my full email login and i have successfully authenticated on my home machine.

How does one go about activating 2-factor authentication on a google account? You can read more about Google's 2-factor authentication on their site. The reason I mentioned it was that if you use it then you need to generate application-specific passwords for applications which haven't been updated to support Google's 2-factory auth. This generally includes older applications and those for which it's not reasonable to pop up Google's web page to request the verification code.

429 Too Many Requests

Personally I use it for security, but you need to live with using application-specific passwords for quite a lot of things such as external email and calendar clients. Since you haven't currently activated it on your account, however, that can't be the cause of this issue. The only possibility I can think of is if the login process is sending a redirect back for a URL which isn't in the PA whitelistand that request is being refused. I'd be quite surprised if that was resulting in ahowever.

Hmm, according to this page a error normally means that you're not logged in or the spreadsheet is not public, but presumably if you are logged in then you should be able to access your own spreadsheets even if they're not public. That might be the case, but when i run this exact same program from Idle using Python 2. I also just logged in to my google docs and tried again, but the same error occurred.

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You can see recent security-related activity on your Google account by logging in to Google and then visiting here and here There may be some clues there.

When i checked the first link, there was one suspicious sign in attempt, but that was from here, so i flagged it as me. I tried running the program from here again, and i got the same error. Is there anyway i can allow access from this site? What happens if you make one of your spreadsheets public? Would that skip the authentication code?

That would at least tell us whether the problem really is with authentication After I looked into it a little more, I figured out the problem.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am running a python script that is taking specific columns from one Google Sheet to another Google Sheet via the Google Sheets API and Gspread package, but I am running into a Error when I am pushing a list to the new spreadsheet. This error is connected to too many requests, but I am not sure what is making my push run multiple times, rather than once.

Is it possible that my worksheet. Encountering the same problem is there a way we can limit the program as per the following criteria such as below in the for loop that we can limit the no of requested to api and match the following criteria.

About developers. Google Sheets API has a limit of requests per seconds per project, and requests per seconds per user. Limits for reads and writes are tracked separately. There is no daily usage limit. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times. I'd suspect worksheet.

You could try to debug further and put a counter into 'Client.

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Mind elaborating on what you suspect about worksheet. I'm not sure I follow. Also what would the Client. That is definitely something I would like to investigate. What I mean by debugging Client. Could you also reduce the number of items in the first for loop and see if the problem goes away?

Burnash I figured out the issue. Active Oldest Votes. Encountering the same problem is there a way we can limit the program as per the following criteria such as below in the for loop that we can limit the no of requested to api and match the following criteria time.

gspread 3.4.2

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.The HTTP Too Many Requests response status code indicates the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time "rate limiting".

A Retry-After header might be included to this response indicating how long to wait before making a new request.

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gspread error 429

Sign in to your account. Trying to login to test this library out and I'm getting an error. I've made sure to install gspread. I created a single python file, test. My code is as simple as it gets:. Any suggestions? It looks like the primary issue might be that your authentication schema is incorrect. Or maybe not. I tried the official Google Python library and it gives me the same error. I don't get it. Is my pw supposed to be plain text in the login method call?

Looks like this was an issue with Google's two factor authorization. I'm submitting a pull request to update the docs for other's benefit. It's happens to me too, but in my case, it was caused by login to google from a suspicious ip. Review the information below and tell us whether you recognize this activity". I can recognize that activity and it works.

You just need to create and use an application-specific password:. You can also get a error when Google thinks that your login is suspicious. I had to do two things:. I came here looking for exactly the answer tcorbettclark gave. It was my 2-factor auth. I had also been wondering how the heck I could get away from using my personal password in my script anyway.

[FiXED] Runtime Error 429 ActiveX Component can’t Create Object Windows

PS: burnash What a fantastic piece of software gspread is. Thank you very much! The second step worked for me. This is a shortcut function which instantiates Client and performs login right away. Returns: Client instance. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up.Typically, the configuration of the application or the setup of the application causes the problem. To troubleshoot, use following methods:. System configuration may also cause problems for the creation of out-of-process COM servers. To troubleshoot, use the following methods on the system on which the error occurs:. Skip to main content. Select Product Version. All Products. More Information. In Visual Basic, there are several causes of error There is a mistake in the system configuration.

There is a missing component.

Fix: HTTP Error 429 on YouTube

There is a damaged component. To find the cause of the error, isolate the problem. If you receive the "" error message on a client computer, use the following information to isolate and resolve the error in Microsoft Office applications. However, this article assumes that you want to automate Office applications.

gspread error 429

Examine the code Before you troubleshoot the error, try to isolate a single line of code that may be causing the problem. Problems are easier to identify if they are narrowed down to a single action.

For example, look for implicit object creation that's used as one of the following. Code sample 1 Application. Dim oWordApp As Word. ApplicationDim oDoc As Word.

How to fix the Runtime Error 429 Microsoft Access Error 429

Application" ' Dim oWord As Word. Application Dim oExcel As Excel. To troubleshoot, use following methods: Verify that the Office application that you want to automate is installed on the local computer.

Make sure that you can run the application. To do this, click Startclick Runand then try to run the application. If you cannot run the application manually, the application will not work through automation. Click OK. The application runs silently. The application is re-registered as a COM server. If the problem occurs because a registry key is missing, these steps typically correct the problem.

Make sure that the LocalServer32 key points to the correct location for the application. Make sure that the path name is in a short path DOS 8.

You do not have to register a server by using a short path name. However, long path names that include embedded spaces may cause problems on some systems. Use the following values of the CLSID key to find the key that represents the Office application that you want to automate.By default gspread.

Client is used. Otherwise you will get an Insufficient Permission error when you try to copy a spreadsheet. Otherwise you will get an Insufficient Permission error when you try to create a new spreadsheet.

This method removes all other worksheets and then entirely replaces the contents of the first worksheet. The models represent common spreadsheet objects: a spreadsheeta worksheet and a cell.

The classes described below should not be instantiated by end-user. Lower-level method that directly calls spreadsheets. Updates the index property of each Worksheets to reflect its index in the provided sequence of Worksheets. Request body. Response body. List of ranges in the A1 notation of the values to retrieve. The A1 notation of the values to clear. The A1 notation of the values to retrieve.

The A1 notation of the values to update. Returns a list of all worksheets in a spreadsheet. Returns an instance of a gspread. Adds a row to the worksheet and populates it with values. Widens the worksheet if there are more values than columns.

Adds multiple rows to the worksheet and populates them with values.

gspread error 429

Cell located at row and col column. Empty cells in this list will be rendered as None. Returns a list of dictionaries, all of them having the contents of the spreadsheet with the head row as keys and each of these dictionaries holding the contents of subsequent rows of cells as values. Returns a list of Cell objects from a specified range. Resizes the worksheet. Specify one of rows or cols. Add a basic filter to the worksheet. If a range or bundaries are passed, the filter will be limited to the given range.

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